Continually improving the operational performance of staff with cloud based broadcasting of content on any screen and at anytime.





Improve staff


We develop, schedule and broadcast operations based content on any TV monitor in a venue to improve staff skills and knowledge.

A low cost, continuous and workplace solution. It informs, updates, prompts and reinforces the operational skills and knowledge of staff that don’t know, have forgotten or are unsure.

Giving them the tools and confidence to deliver superior service and sell more products to enhance the bottom line.


On the job

Most hospitality and tourism industry staff in Australia (70+%) are casuals or part time. They get very minimal or no up skilling either on or off the job. Anything they do receive is quickly forgotten or has minimal actual operational relevance.

A lot of upskilling and training is actually a waste of time and money as there is no follow up.

That is why we developed HospitalityTV. An “in your face” and in the venue solution that allows staff to have continuous access to improve their skills and knowledge. In their actual workplace where it can be implemented immediately. It is also an effective method to remind and prompt managers to reinforce the content.

How it works

The HDMI media player when combined with your in house wireless allows any TV set or monitor to broadcast our content. Venues can use a screen of any size with a HDMI port. Only need a power point and minimal wireless to upload content to the player.

The player can schedule and play content up to 12 months ahead at any time and on any day. The solution is portable and can be played anywhere in a venue.  It can be used during the main service periods to promote and sell to your customers.

Our software partner delivers digital signage solutions to national clients including Hospitals, medical centers, Quick Service Restaurant franchises and retail outlets.


Our Content

‘Need to Know’ content delivered in short and to the point “bites”. Few minutes duration, easy to understand and implement immediately.

Instructional videos | Quizzes
Product knowledge | Industry news
Practical skills | Compliance updates

Selling skills | Service protocols
Hints and prompts |
Staff Profiles | Event notification

This is not just a training solution. It is a complete package of content.

Benefits of HospitalityTV

Venue gets a full time Performance Manager
‘Need to Know’ content comes TO staff every single day of the year
Savings in time and wages as no need for staff to go off the job
Cost savings if management has to distribute similar content in other ways
Continuous updates allow for better retention
Save $’s on data costs as no need to be online at all times
A daily prompter for middle managers
Use it for promotions to increase sales




Take out of box, plug in and play.
No wiring, cabling or installation costs.
Portable and lightweight solution.
Use any TV monitor with HDMI port.
Play anywhere in a venue.
Wireless to upload only – NO need for wireless to play.
No more than 3 minutes to view content.
No need for technical skills or software to install.
Up to the minute updates.
Just switch monitor on or off.


Management and staff can view broadcasts for a few minutes at a time anywhere in a venue. Staff room, common area, bar counter or bench, ordering point, dining room counter, wall mounted, free standing or portable.

BEFORE a shift starts
At the END of a shift
DURING quiet periods of a shift
At any DESIGNATED time

No need to have staff leave the premises and EVERY staff member has access as they are already at work.


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